Vitamin C cream, serum or powder?

Vitamin C is getting more and more popular in the cosmetic industry. Therefore, there are so many cosmetics based on it: moisturizers, serums, even powders. Which ones are the best? Which form of vitamin C is the most effective?

A problem with pigmentation spots is very common these days, just like acne, broken capillaries and premature signs of aging (fine lines around lips and eyes).

There are various causes of this problem, namely, genes, hormonal disorders or the effect of improper skin care. The condition of the skin gets worse also because of changes around us e.g. more stressful lifestyle, air pollution and smog blowing into cities. How to save the skin and get back its lost charm?

Using vitamin C is the best way to enjoy healthy, young-looking skin. Ascorbic acid used to be underestimated and now it rules in our daily care.

How does vitamin C work in cosmetics?

Oral intake of vitamin C has zero impact on our appearance. It does strengthen immune system but it doesn’t eliminate acne, wrinkles or dark spots. That’s why it is so important to apply appropriate skin care products enriched with vitamin C.

Natural vitamin C easily dissolves in water but it is not stable. Luckily, cosmetics contain either more stable versions or put vitamin C together with oils where it dissolves and effortlessly reaches deep layers of skin to:

  • fight free radicals which cause damage to skin;
  • protect against UV radiation;
  • brighten pigmentation spots;
  • stimulate synthesis of collagen, firming the skin;
  • seal blood vessels and prevent them from breaking;
  • exfoliate dead skin cells, making the skin silky smooth.

What type of vitamin C products to pick?


For daily use, we can try a moisturizer infused with vitamin C. It is hands down the most popular cosmetic with ascorbic acid and easiest to use. We should know, though, that natural vitamin C is very difficult to stabilize in a cream. It is usually added in a low concentration and thus may have a worse effect. Of course, using a moisturizer with little vitamin C is still better than not using it at all but you should think of another product rich in vitamin C for better results e.g. serum.


Hands down, serum works most strongly. It is a flawless cosmetic which makes a good choice mostly because it complements moisturizers. All other products work only on the skin’s surface while face serum with vitamin C is able to penetrate the deepest structures to deliver precious ascorbic acid. Obviously, the effect of a serum depends on its quality and the vitamin form it includes but it is always a better choice than using creams only. At the same time, you can’t treat vitamin C serum like a substitute for your moisturizer – they enhance each other’s properties. Still, the serum gives more visible effects faster.


When fighting skin problems, powdered vitamin C comes useful too. You can add it to cosmetics and create home beauty blends and treatments. Mix it with a beauty oil to get a natural face serum but remember that a DIY product will never be as effective as the one devised by specialists: the proper content of vitamin C is the priority. On the other hand, vitamin C powder appeals to girls who like DIY treatments and want to present even more ascorbic acid to their skin.

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