How to become more beautiful: eyelash serum – reviews and effects

Applying eyelash extensions is becoming less and less popular. Beauty is what becomes natural and unforced, and – above all – what beautifies and nourishes at the same time. You can see it particularly in the care of eyelashes and eyebrows: for a few seasons now, the number one trend in makeup included natural, thick eyebrows, which form a beautiful frame for the entire face and – attention – visually rejuvenate. Under such a well-groomed eyebrow arch, there is a place for long, thick eyelashes. The best news is that the effect can be achieved with just one cosmetic. It is an eyelash serum. 

Eyelash serum – a multifunctional and iconic product 

It is fairly young (in comparison to a mascara which seems to be an old grandma!) yet it has already received admiring comments, very good reviews and unusual popularity. No wonder that in such a short time it has become an iconic cosmetic: until now nothing has worked so intensively on eyelashes and eyebrows. Women used castor oil, which acted more like a placebo than an eyelash growth serum. Today – thanks to lash serums – we know how phenomenal our eyelashes and eyebrows can be.

Eyelash serum – how to use it?

The use of an eyelash serum does not require any special manual skills and it does not take too much time: the product must be applied to the upper and lower lashline (just like applying your favourite eyeliner thanks to the thin and precise applicator attached). It takes a few seconds, its best to apply it in the evening before bedtime onto a cleansed and degreased skin of the eyelid.

Eyelash serum – effects

Why is the eyelash serum so effective? The effects and the way it works on the lashes say it all:

– it reaches the most important part of eyelashes – bulbs, strengthening them from the inside

– it extends the eyelash growth phase so that they have more time to regenerate

– even dormant bulbs are stimulated to work – thanks to which the lashline becomes fuller

– it stimulates eyelashes to grow, making them grow very long and thick

– nourishes eyelashes, so they stop falling out and do not dry out at the ends

– it helps them to grow back due to an illness, taking medicine or when the lash loss is caused by stress

– it strengthens and regenerates eyebrows, thickening them all over the eyebrow

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