5 Non-invasive Home Treatments for Super White Teeth

White teeth make us look neat and clean. Luckily, removing this nasty yellowish tint from the teeth seems to be easy, provided that you use one of the top tooth-whitening products advertised online. However, before reaching out for these costly treatments, why wouldn’t you have a go at completely non-invasive options for whiter-looking teeth? 

Here are five easy-to-follow methods for a snow-white smile that won’t ruin your budget. However, before trying them out, we need to give you a head-up: each of these treatments works differently on different people. Therefore, don’t get discouraged if the treatment you choose as the fist doesn’t give you satisfying results. Simply try another one.

Non-invasive Home Treatments for Super White Teeth

Toothpaste + baking soda

Everybody has a pack of baking soda at home, right? Interestingly, this white powder offers great brightening properties. Try adding a bit of baking soda to your toothpaste and brush the teeth with this mixture at least once a day. Make sure that you rinse well because the taste of baking soda isn’t pleasant or refreshing.

Strawberries for a snow-white smile

Have you ever heard that you can make your teeth appear brighter by eating delicious fruit? It turns out that strawberries in particular are good at removing stains from teeth. Try eating three or four handfuls of those red berries every day until you notice the difference.

Cut down on drinking coffee & tea:

The dark-colored beverages like coffee and tea aren’t your allies if you’re fighting for a snow-white smile. Indeed, coffee-lovers are numerous, but the less cups they drink, the brighter their teeth will become. Or at least, they won’t get more and more yellowish.

Brush your teeth after every meal:

Even though it may be hard for you to go to the bathroom to clean the teeth after every meal, especially at work, developing this habit will bring you nothing but benefits. If possible, also use a mouthwash to keep the bacteria from messing up with the plaque. Get yourself a travel size toothbrush with some cute packaging and always carry it in your bag.

Go for a toothpaste enriched with coconut oil:

Try to find a toothpaste that is enriched with some natural ingredients. Coconut oil seems to be the best when it comes to erasing stains and yellowish tint from the teeth. What’s interesting, such toothpastes often don’t lather at all, but that doesn’t mean that they are spoiled. Simply put, natural ingredients replace all lather-creating agents.

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