How to Care for Eyelash Extensions? Useful Guide

Eyelash extensions make an everyday makeup much easier. One beauty-salon treatment and you don’t have to do anything about your lashes for long weeks. To enjoy the effects even longer, you should care for the eyelashes the right way. What’s the best way? Are falsies worth choosing?

Before deciding on eyelash extensions, you should be aware that false eyelashes need the right care routine. Strict rules must be followed or the effects won’t last long. For lots of girls, it’s a reason for giving up on extensions and starting caring for the natural lashes. Still, if you decide to use falsies you must know how to maintain lash extension effects the longest possible.

First of all – you mustn’t touch eyelash extensions

Touching false lashes must be avoided because even pulling, rubbing them slightly leads to clusters coming off. That’s why extensions aren’t recommended to people suffering from compulsive behaviors.

Second of all – you must keep the extensions dry for 48 hours

First two days is the time when the adhesive kicks in and falsies get attached. It’s easy to destroy all the work an aesthetician has done. If you need to take a shower, using swimming glasses is a good trick for protecting the extensions.

Thirdly – you mustn’t use oil-based cosmetics

Lash adhesive and fats don’t like each other. That’s why you mustn’t use products containing oils or other fats while wearing eyelash extensions. Go for lightweight and fast-absorbing under-eye creams. A micellar water or other removers can be used for taking makeup off but they must be free of oils. Check your beauty case.

Fourthly – you must give your lashes an extra protection

Obviously, every false eyelash or cluster means an unnatural weight for the thin and fragile hairs on the eyelids. When the condition of eyelashes gets much weaker and they start falling out, the effect disappears in no time. That’s why eyelash growth serums make a good choice because they provide lashes with the essential nutrients, elasticity and reinforcement. Who knows, a good lash serum treatment may make eyelash extensions useless.

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