HIT: Latest budget-friendly discoveries for younger-looking skin

How to combat wrinkles effectively? Is there a way for you to get youthful-looking, supple and resilient skin, even though you’ve already reached maturity? It can’t be denied, we’re constantly amazed by all the latest discoveries that scientists and cosmetologists keep making. Our spirits are lifted every time when we find out that they have just proudly announced to the world their recent achievements and breakthroughs in the field of cosmetology. And the best bit is that the majority of these substances are real game-changers! Read the updated list of cosmetic ingredients and skincare products that are currently considered as top rejuvenating agents.

Adaptogens in face creams

Adaptogens are compounds obtained from chosen plants that are known for having skin-rejuvenating effects. Non-toxic and recognized for having a positive effect on the skin, adaptogens are also proven to influence body and mind in a spectacular way. They are substances that protect face from free radicals and restore balance to skin. Face creams enriched with adaptogens rejuvenate, improve skin defense mechanisms and stimulate cell division.

Jade and quartz face rollers

Face rollers aren’t novelties but nowadays their popularity is noticeably growing again. The coolness of jade or quartz is one of this tool’s biggest assets – this is exactly how the microcirculation is boosted in skin. A stone glided across the skin massages the face and facilitates lymph drainage (lymphatic drainage massage). This in turn improves skin’s resilience and reduces minor sagging. It can be said that a jade face roller is the alternative to in-salon skin-lift treatment!

Facial boosters

A facial booster resembles face serum having heavy concentration of nourishing substances. The word “boost” is a synonym to increase, improve, or become more successful, meaning that skin treated with a facial booster starts looking better and healthier. In general boosters are applied under a face cream to literally boost its effects. The good news is that booster often comes with a face cream to give you a duo of well-paired skincare products.

Do you know the difference between a facial booster and face serum? Simply put, facial booster was created to strengthen skin, whereas face serum is expected to help combat various skin conditions. Obviously, face serum must be followed with a face cream just like a booster, yet this can be any chosen cream. A facial booster must be always followed with a dedicated skincare product.

Cream face masks to apply at bedtime

Do you know that your regular face cream can give you better results and have the same effects like a facial mask? Of course, using this type of skincare product morning wouldn’t be the best idea but it’s absolutely perfect for nighttime use. Although this product is destined to be applied at bedtime, it’s far from being a regular face cream – it’s a combination of a face serum and night face cream. It contains substances responsible for brightening the skin and erasing the signs of fatigue so you can wake up with well-rested and glowing complexion. Such cream face masks are often enriched with fruit acids, retinol and peptides. Apply it right before going to bed and remove in the morning by rinsing it and cleansing the face as you normally do this.

Stem cells

Stem cells work like a perpetuum mobile that keeps growing and dividing to get you well-repaired and smooth skin. When you’re young, your skin brims with stem cells. Sadly, as you age, stem cells decrease in numbers pretty drastically and this is how the skin needs more time to repair itself.

There are a few factors known for impairing stem cells division: UV rays, low hydration levels in skin and not enough sleep. Luckily, cosmetologists are fascinated with stem cells therefore they eagerly incorporate them to face creams. Obviously, you won’t find human stem cells in skincare products. In most cases, the stem cells used in face creams originate from plants such as Swiss apple trees or argan.

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