Coconut oil – a cosmetic for the whole family

Coconut oil is so versatile that bring benefits to everyone who uses it: from the smallest ones to the eldest in the family. One could say that this is a multigenerational cosmetic: regardless of whether you are 0 or a few years old – it is worth having it in the kitchen/bathroom shelf. Why?

Coconut oil is a substance that will be suitable for everyone, regardless of their age:

Infants – coconut oil overcomes all skin infections, soothes nappy rash, and when added to the bath, it will moisturise the whole body.

Preschoolers – the first scratches on the skin, and dry cheeks from the frost – coconut oil is ideal for the care of irritated skin: it acts antiseptically, bactericidal; it moisturises and regenerates the epidermis. You can use it as a healing ointment.

Adolescent – a remedy that will help fight acne is priceless. That’s how coconut oil works, it heals blemishes and prevents the bacteria from spreading. it is like a detox for the skin which moisturises and smoothes it at the same time. Simply rub it onto the skin every day before bedtime.

After 25 years of age – coconut oil takes a great care of the skin and delays ageing processes, it is also perfect for summer skin care and as a hair heat protectant. It will shield the strands from the blazing sun and hot air emitted by the blow-dryer. Since it cleanses the skin so well, it will be a great makeup remover and it will nourish the skin thanks to the high concentration of mineral content.

Adulthood – in this case, coconut oil will not let you down as well. The oil will not only help you keep fit when the metabolism slows down and the fatty tissue begins to settle faster, but it also helps to remove harmful trans fats from the body. It should be included in the daily diet. Used under the eyes, it will smooth the skin and treat it with a subtle and fully natural facelift. When rubbed into the skin, it will also brighten pigmentation spots and discolourations.

It’s a men’s thing – the wonderful properties of coconut oil will also be appreciated by men – coconut oil will not only make shaving easier and smoother but also help to condition the facial hair.

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