How to apply oils to your hair to make the best of them?

Hair oiling is a procedure that is famous all over the world. Women from different parts of the globe have appreciated the wonderful properties of natural oils. Many movie stars, singers, celebrities and the best hair stylists use and recommend oils as the best regenerating and beautifying treatment. There are multiple ways of hair oiling – we present the best ones. 

How to apply oil to the hair – best methods 

If you want your hair oiling to be beneficial, you must remember that it is not enough to apply oils to the hair only. The perfect hair oil treatment is the one that gives oil particles a chance to penetrate the bulbs and – at the same time – take care of the scalp. For that reason, a full hair oiling should be done at least once a week. How to do it? You can choose from two (the most recommended) methods. Learn how to oil wet and dry hair.

How to apply oil to dry hair?

When it comes to dry hair oiling, you have to apply the oil (or a properly composed blend of oils) to the hair before shampooing. This method works best on clean hair. If there is too much product styling build-up on the strands, the treatment might not bring the results we are counting on.

Dry hair oiling

1. Brush your hair thoroughly.

2. Apply small amounts of oil to the scalp and hair, section by section.

3. Wrap a towel around your head or put on a shower cap.

4. Leave it for a few hours.

5. Shampoo, dry and style as usually.

How to apply hair to wet hair?

Wet hair oiling involves applying oil to damp, freshly washed hair. This type of oiling is very effective – we apply the oil to clean hair and scalp. After washing the scales are always raised, so they absorb the oil better.

Wet hair oiling 

1. Wash your hair and towel-dry it.

2. Brush through your hair.

3. Apply small amounts of oil to the scalp and hair, section by section.

4. Put on a shower cap or wrap your head with a towel (to activate the oil particles you can warm up the towel with a blow-dryer).

5. Leave it in for at least 30 minutes up to two hours – until your hair is almost completely dry.

6. Shampoo, dry and style as usually.

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