Hair colouring with coconut oil – effects, tips,

It is a well-known truth that colour-treating is a big burden to the hair, especially when we get on with it without proper preparation. Hair dyeing with the aid of an oil can be a huge help, as it is supposed to protect delicate strands from overdrying.

One of the methods of hair colouring is with the use of an oil which is aimed to protect the hair against the harmful effects of chemical dyes and developers. It is an easy way to dye the hair more often without the risk of damaging it. It is time to determine whether colour-treating with oil has as many advantages as it seems.

Hair colour-treating with an oil 

The trick is to apply oils to the hair before the dyeing process. Not directly beforehand but a few hours earlier or even the night before (especially if you are planning the colouring for early hours). Does it make any sense? Of course, it does!

It is a general rule that hair should be colour-treated when it’s a bit greasy because this way it is protected in a natural way – with the sebum build-up. However, we can deliver the oil through hair oil treatment as well. Natural oils provide protection against the harsh chemical content, temperature and everything that can weaken the strands. As a result, the hair is less dehydrates and the skin of the scalp is less irritated.

Is coconut oil suitable for hair colour-treating?

The selection of oil is an essential step due to the fact that not every type of oil will be suitable for this task. Nevertheless, coconut oil is one of the most recommended ones for this purpose. In fact, it is the best choice. First of all, it is one of the less expensive oils and at the same time, it is within everyone’s reach. Secondly, it provides the hair with complex care and is the best means to prevent moisture loss. What’s more, there is a special coconut oil designed specifically for colouring available on the market. It is an interesting product, although its properties are not different than those offered by an all-natural coconut oil.

What’s worth remembering?

1. All-natural coconut oil is the best for hair dyeing.

2. The oil should be applied to the entire length of hair minimum 2-3 hours prior the procedure.

3. The amount of oil applied should be small – too much oil can weaken the effects of colouring.

4. Before the colouring, it is best not to wash out any remaining oil that has not been absorbed.

5. The use of oil for hair colour-treating is not recommended for fair hair and bleaching.

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