Nanolash- the Most Effective Eyelash Serum

My Journey to Long Lashes
My lashes needed help so I started using the Nanolash Serum that is supposed to grow my eyelashes long and thick. I am at the beginning of my journey so I will give you some basic info about the enhancer and my first impression about it.

Nanolash - Eyelash Serum

Nanolash – Eyelash Serum

It comes in a matte, black tube that is easy to hold and it looks pretty classy. The applicator has soft tip bristle to allow precise application directly on the lash line. The application itself is very simple and easy. Firstly, make sure that the skin is make-up and eye cream-free. Apply the product exactly where the eyelashes meet the skin just as you would an eyeliner. A single stroke at the base of the upper and lower lines of the lashes is enough to get desired results. The product can also be used on the brows to make them appear thicker and darker.

Why have I chosen Nanolash Serum?

  • It is safe and gentle to the sensitive eye area
  • It does not change the colour of the iris
  • It has been tested and approved
  • It is highly effective
  • It makes lashes darker and shiner
  • Many positive reviews and testimonials regarding this product
  • It is transparent and it does not stain the eyelid
  • It has not been tested on animals
  • It is natural and it does not contain any nasty bits
  • Cute package
  • Cheaper than products with similar ingredients’ list
  • Can be used by people who wear lenses (that’s me)
  • The enhancer is efficient- the bottle is supposed to last 4 months
  • Quick delivery

My observation and feelings about Nanolash

It has been only 3 weeks since I started the treatment and there are no spectacular results yet. What I can now say is that my lashes are not being so easily rubbed off when I remove my mascara and I that definitely lesser lashes are falling out. The Nanolash Serum has made my lashes stronger and they look healthier and shiner. Length-wise not much difference so far but I can see more small lashes growing on the lash line. It is visible especially in sparse areas in the inner corner of my left eye.

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