Sun protection: filters for the sake of beautiful and healthy skin

The sun. On one hand, it’s the source of life and happiness but, on the other hand, it can damage skin and hair. In order to get the most out of sunbathing, apply cosmetics containing sun filters, wear hats and prepare your body for the upcoming summer.

Get suntanned but in moderation

Too long and too frequent sunbathing does more harm than good to our organism. This activity accelerates wrinkles and discolouration occurrence, causes skin cancer as well as leads to water, elasticin and collagen loss. Therefore, using sunscreens is so crucial. Such products protect skin and hair against IR, UVA and UVB radiations. Which type of radiation is the most destructive to our organism?

  • UVA – radiation of long waves that manages to reach the deepest skin layers. It’s considered as the most dangerous because it is able to hit the earth even in cloudy days and in the winter. Furthermore, it can lead to skin cancer development and, in great extent, it contributes to skin photo ageing.
  • UVB – radiation responsible for suntan and turning skin brown. It can cause erytheme, irritations and sunburns.
  • IR – infrared radiation contributes to free radicals development and collagen destruction. It has a great impact on accelerating photo ageing processes of skin.

Which sunscreen is the best one?

We can distinguish two types of sun filters: physical and chemical. The first group poses a kind of a barrier for solar radiation, the second one, in turn, absorbs UV radiation. Cosmetics that contain chemical filters aren’t photostable, which means that they break out under the influence of radiation; hence, they aren’t able to protect skin. For that reason, it’s important to reapply the sunscreen a few times while exposing body to the sun.

Which factor will be the most suitable for you?

It depends on your skin photo type. People having fair complexion, the one which is sunburn-prone, should use creams featuring SPF 50. All those who get suntanned fairly easily, should go for a cosmetic featuring SPF 30 or higher. People whose complexion is olive or dark are recommended applying products containing SPF 20 or less.

Did you know that…

The sun is a source of happiness because it contributes to endorphin production. Moreover, sun rays boost the capacity of red blood cells, speed up blood stream and increase vitamin D synthesis. As a consequence, sun rays positively influence skin as well as muscular and skeletal system.

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