DIY eyelash serum. Does it work and how to do it?

A woman who does not dream about long and thick eyelashes probably does not exist. However, what to do if your eyelashes are far from perfect? Actually, there are several solutions – eyelash extensions, eyelash lift, professional eyelash growth serum or home-made serum. Which one to choose?

Even though the eyelashes are so tiny, a lot happens to them throughout our lives. They grow and fall out according to their life cycle, which is absolutely normal provided that they don’t fall out in excess. Each day they are exposed to many harmful factors (sun, toxins, moisture) from which they have no protection. Our task is to provide them with proper nutrition and strengthening, as well as to protect them from whatever can destroy our dreams about beautiful eyelashes. Quick and effective.

Eyelash care matters!

Even such small hairs need to be taken care of so that they are strong and healthy. It’s best to do it through daily care. This is very important because the beauty of our gaze depends on the beauty of our eyelashes. It is long eyelashes that give us confidence and emphasize our yes.

How to do it right?

There is no one universal method for eyelash care. The most important thing is to provide the lashes with the necessary nutrients (also in the diet), and be gentle with them. Rubbing or plucking of eyelashes can deteriorate their condition. Only proper and natural cosmetics should be used for eye make-up. When it comes to make-up removal, it should be done gently and without rubbing, preferably with the use of mild micellar water. What really matters is our actions: proper care will result in beautiful eyelashes, improper in their weakened condition.

Eyelash extensions vs eyelash serum

How to thicken the lash line? If you want immediate results, you can have your eyelashes extended in a beauty salon. Remember, however, that too frequent and improperly done treatments can result in weakened hairs. Just for a few weeks of long and thick (but false) eyelashes, it’s not worth risking the condition of natural hairs.

By far the best solution in the eyelash serum. Applied on a regular basis just after make-up removal, it will provide the lashes with the necessary nutrients just while we sleep. Here, however, there is another dilemma: is it better to buy a product or make it at home?

Which eyelash serum to choose?

Definitely one from a reliable manufacturer, for example Nanolash. It is because a good eyelash serum needs to be properly composed. When preparing such a cosmetic at home it’s hard to maintain the right proportions. What is more, a ready-made one have a stronger effect as it contains ingredients that are hard to obtain, such as strengthening proteins and the substances that enhance the hair growth. Another, though not the last, advantage is its efficiency and the fact that it reaches the inside of eyelash bulbs. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about the home-made mixture.

DIY eyelash serum – recipe

However, if you don’t want strong action and don’t care about professionally composed ingredients that gently nourish our eyelashes, you can prepare your own conditioner. The recipe has been provided by a blogger Farah Dukai. You only need:

  • a small bottle or jar,
  • castor oil,
  • fresh aloe juice,
  • two capsules of vitamin E.

Mix all ingredients, remember to use the liquid inside instead of the whole capsules. This home-made eyelash serum should be stirred before each use. To apply it to the eyelashes, use an old mascara brush. The whole procedure is quite problematic because the home-made serum is very thick and sticky, hence it sticks the lashes together.

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