Beauty Products You’d Better Not Share Even with Your Best Friend

Are you aware there are beauty products in your bag that you shouldn’t share with your best friend? Tbh, even with your mom or sister! Why? Read on to find the answer.


When you scoop moisturizer out of a jar, you transfer bacteria and germs with your fingers. Just think what’s inside the jar when a few different people use it. Even washing hands won’t help much. The best products come in tubes or with applicator spatulas. Don’t let others use your jar moisturizers.


Lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses belong to products having contact with saliva and lips. If you have an infection, cold sore or other imperfections, never ever lend your lip care or makeup products. The other way round – don’t borrow them from a friend having cold sore, for instance.


Sharing your mascara isn’t the best idea. There are bacteria on your lashes and eyelids which may cause redness, corneitis or corneal herpes. You must know that viral infections develop very slowly so you might not notice the symptoms at first. After some time, you will have to make an eye doctor’s appointment.


Never borrow or lend makeup brushes, sponges or other accessories. After all, they might be full of bacteria causing your skin problems. That is why keeping them clean with a shampoo and disinfecting products matters so much. Also make sure you dry your brushes and sponges to keep moisture away and prevent bacteria from proliferating.


Do you know that using someone else’s tweezers might be dangerous? It can be full of bacteria leading towards infections. Therefore, disinfect and remove hairs from the tweezers after every use.

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