Did you know that…beauty facts you had no idea about

Even the best beautician will not tell you everything you need to know about a given procedure or product. She must keep something for herself so as not to lose her job and clients. However, there are things you need to have at least some information about. Get to know the beauty facts, many of which beauticians like to keep in secrecy.

The UV lamp damages manicure?

Sometimes the gel polish flakes off the nails after only a few days. If the nails were properly degreased and the cuticles removed, and the varnish applied in thin layers, then the manicure was destroyed under the influence of the UV lamp. Inexpensive and less popular devices wear out quickly and instead of curing the gel polish, they can negatively affect its structure. If you notice that the varnish is soft it goes off the nails, or there is a sticky layer underneath,  your lamp has probably already worn out.

Is castor oil deadly?

If that was true, most women would be bald or seriously ill. You must know that castor oil does not contain ricin, a highly toxic substance. Apparently, one gram of ricin can kill up to several thousand people. In castor oil, this deadly substance is subjected to decomposition by cold pressing and boiling with water. What’s more, castor oil has laxative properties and today it is used as a product that accelerates hair growth.

Nail polish base can cause allergies 

Many women claim that gel manicure would weaken their natural nails or they would get some serious allergic reactions. As a matter of fact, gel manicure does not cause any allergies. Such a harmful effect can be caused by a base that is applied directly to the nail plate. If, in the future, you will be having a gel manicure done, always make sure to use good quality products.

Allergy sufferers do not like natural cosmetics 

It is often said that natural cosmetics are the best and the safest for the skin. That is true, although there are some exceptions. Ordinary drugstore products with a chemical composition can be sensitising just like natural cosmetics. The latter contains essential oils, plant extracts and herbs that can cause irritation for people with allergies. The use of such products may result in itching, acne, redness and swelling. Before you decide to buy a natural cosmetic, check its composition and conduct an allergic test.

Natural brush bristles can cause allergies 

If you are an allergy sufferer, then you should choose synthetic brushes to do your makeup. The bristles of these natural ones derive from animals, and their fur is an allergen. What’s more, you should also be careful when brushing your hair with boar bristle hair brush.

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