Moisturising. Why is it so important?

One of two most important processes with a beneficial influence on skin condition (right next to the cleansing) is moisturising. You should never take for granted the role of water in the organism. Why is it so important for our skin?

Our organism is made in 70% of water and about 20% of it is located in the deepest layers of the skin, i.e. dermis. However, it is not permanently located there because it migrates to the surface and systematically evaporates. Every day, you lose about 0.5l of water, which is particularly easy to observe in the summer.
Hydration depends on many factors: the balance between the evaporation and delivering water, ability to retain water in skin cells and the amount of water you deliver to the organism.

Hydration is essential for skin to be healthy and beautiful

Healthy skin is skin with proper hydration level. All the processes related to releasing and absorbing water are regulated by the epidermis and protective lipid barrier. Epidermis cells and lipids create organised structure, which main task is to control water release.
On the proper work of epidermis depends whether the skin is going to have even complexion, smooth structure and proper exfoliation. This is why the use of proper creams with hygroscopic particles (pulling water) or fatty acids (strengthening lipid layer) is extremely important.

The level of hydration in skin depends on many factors

Daily we may lose more or less of the water. All the changes in its level should be a reason to feel concerned if in the natural reserves (skin cells) it starts to lack water because too much of it evaporates. Then skin loses its firmness, becomes matte and dull.

The barrier that protects skin against excess water loss can be weakened by many factors: environmental or these we actually have an influence on. Water evaporation from the skin is increased by the air conditioning or heating. The similar impact has the sun and wind. Skin derives water from food, so it is important to have balanced diet and drink a lot of water.

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