TOP 6 Treatments for lovely nails! Nail care & home remedies

Gel manicure doesn’t make your natural nails look better. This is a popular way to camouflage weak, brittle nails. To make your own nails look their best, you don’t need nail polishes. Pretty nails must be healthy, nourished and filed. See the best ways to make them so. Learn how to care for the nails at home!

The best treatments for lovely nails

1. Minimalism

No matter if you wear gel polish or nail extensions, artificial products always cause damage to the nail plate, drying out the nails and blocking access to the air. Nails lose resilience, split and break easily. If you keep applying nail polish without breaks, you don’t let them repair so you make them weaker. Why don’t you give up on nail polish for around 3 weeks? Use organic oils instead. Rubbing jojoba, avocado or famous castor oil into the nails every evening is the best way to improve them.

2. Foods for healthy nails

Your skin, hair and obviously nails eat what you eat. If you want to keep them healthy, make sure your menu is filled up with nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds – the source of zinc, copper, silicon and other nail-enhancing minerals.

3. Nail nourishing and beautifying products

Nail care products are essential as well. You already know that natural oils are ideal for this purpose but you can intensify the effect by using flax seeds (you get a perfect nail mask after boiling them). You may also try readymade nail treatments and conditioners.

4. Protective gloves

Detergents have a huge impact on the condition of the nails. House Cleaning without gloves is a crime against your nails! Every time you get round to household chores, put them on to keep both hands and nails safe. The nails absorb water fast and consequently are exposed to damage. Detergents will easily destroy them if you forget about the gloves.

5. Nail-nourishing soak step by step

Heat up a half cup of olive oil and enrich it with vitamins A and E (capsules are widely available). Soak the nails in the blend for at least ten minutes and rub the oil in the skin. Do the soak regularly every three or four days to see stunning nails shortly.

6. Nail-repairing and hardening gelatin soak

You need a cup of water and 3 teaspoons of gelatin. Boil the water in a pot. Pour gelatin into a bowl and add boiling water, mix them. Wait until it cools down – you should use it when it’s warm, not hot. Soak the nails for 2-3 minutes. Wash the hands and apply a lotion. Repeat the treatment every other day for two weeks. After a few gelatin soaks you will see the nails are harder, prettier and damage-proof.

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