Women’s guidebook – where to get fake eyelashes?

Most of us want to look glamorously not only on a special occasion or elegant event. Mascara does not always give us the effect of expressive eyes. If you want to look like a movie star, firstly, you must take a good care of your eyes. The most popular method to enhance the appearance of your eyes is to apply fake eyelashes, however, using eyelash enhancers is also a good method. Applying fake eyelashes will never provide as good effects as, for example, Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum. Let’s take a closer look!

Women's guidebook – where to get fake eyelashes
‘ I’d love to have fake eyelashes but…’

Many women repeat those words very often. They all dream of the effect of fake eyelashes, but not all of them know hot to achieve such look. The biggest problem is the lack of proper knowledge regarding this topic. Additionally, the variety of methods of eyelash extensions and diversity of fake eyelashes types, does not make anything easier. Opinions do not match. IF you do not know where to start, read the article carefully. We would like to present the basic knowledge about fake eyelashes and answer all questions.

How to make fake eyelashes?

Currently, the cosmetic market is full of options to choose from. The topic of eyelash extensions is not fully covered yet. Therefore, new solutions are constantly arising. You can distinguish four methods to obtain beautiful fake eyelashes. Each of which has different advantages.

Single-use (disposable) fake eyelashes – are the easiest and most popular way to gain extremely long and thick eyelashes. Thanks to wearing them, you can enjoy your enhanced look, however, only for a short period of time – for example, one day or evening. Sometimes, the effect you get by applying strip fake eyelashes above your lashline, can be too dramatic. Even though this method is the fastest, it is also short-term and least natural.

One-week fake eyelashes – must be done by a professional eyelash extension artist. This type of eyelash extensions cannot be done by yourself, it requires special skills and proper training. Synthetic individual eyelashes resembling natural lashes are to be applied to the eyelid. With the use of a special adhesive, they ought to be placed in proper places to give the impression of natural look. Unfortunately, the beautiful results last only one week.

Permanent eyelashes – they should be referred to as semi-permanent. It is impossible to apply fake eyelashes permanently. Not because nobody would like that, it is just connected with the lash life cycle. This method brings much more durable effects, however, they last only until the moment when the natural lash falls out with the fake lash adhered to it. Nevertheless, big advantage is the ability to choose the size, colour, length, thickness and even the curl.

There is a method to obtain better effects than fake eyelashes. More natural method that gives long-lasting results is certainly not eyelash extensions. Beautiful, enhanced eyelashes can be achieved with the use of an eyelash and eyebrow serum. This way you will avoid an expensive visit at the beauty salon and it is also a cheaper alternative.

A step to beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows - NanolashNanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum does not cost a lot (especially in comparison to eyelash extensions) and it lasts for 6 months of regular use. Due to the fact that its effects do not depend on the lash life cycle, it works even if your lashes naturally fall out. Moreover, serum must be applied to thoroughly cleansed lashline with the thin and precise applicator. The procedure is not time consuming and can be easily done on your own. The first results are noticeable after only a few weeks, however, patience is the key to success. What will you achieve? Natural lashes that look a lot better than fake eyelashes. Nanolash strengthens, nourishes, thickens and improves length of your lashes.

Where to have fake eyelashes done?

If you have already chosen the method of eyelash extensions, now, you must consider how to obtain them. The least problematic method is to use Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum. You can order it online and receive the parcel within a couple of days. You can start your eyelash growth treatment right away. One of the biggest advantages of using eyelash and eyebrow serum is the fact that it is used in the comfort of your own home. However, what to do if you decided to go for eyelash extensions?


First of all, make sure to choose appropriate beauty salon with highly qualified staff. Remember that eyelash extension artist must be licensed. Thanks to a skilful beautician, you can expect the best results. You would not want to take the risk of getting uneven and unaesthetic fake eyelashes. Before you decide to undergo the procedure, you can check for yourself if you are being served by a certified beautician.

  • You have the right to check qualifications of the eyelash extension artist by looking at her diplomas or certificates that confirmed she had completed a course in eyelash extensions application.
  • you have the right to check the beautician’s knowledge by asking questions considering the products she uses and other aspects of the procedure.
  • you have the right to receive a consultation free of charge. You can discuss the process, what methods are recommended and how to take care of your fake eyelashes afterwards, to make the bets of them.

Remember to always choose those beauty salons, that provide their customers with sufficient information about the fake eyelashes. The beautician cannot assume that you are familiar with the topic. Each issue must be discussed carefully. If you find that someone is avoiding the answers, gives answers that do not fully fulfil your curiosity, or even refuses to provide any information, it can mean that they have something to hide. Leave such place immediately.

What is the price of eyelash extensions?

The most frequently asked question considers the price of the procedure. Unfortunately, there is no one particular price. It all depends on the type of fake eyelashes you choose and the method of application. The better quality of the material and the longer the application, the more expensive the entire procedure. The costs may vary, however, it is still very expensive. What is more, you must remember about the additional costs of touch-up. Therefore, using Nanolash eyelash and eyebrow serum is a lot more affordable.

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11 Comments “Women’s guidebook – where to get fake eyelashes?”

  1. Betty

    I’d love to have lash extensions but Iam worried that later on, my own lashes will be in a bad condition.

    • Alex_ia

      Me too…besides, it’s too expensive for me. I could go for it once but then you have to go back in for the touch ups etc. I guessing it would be difficult to get used to my own lashes once again

  2. Josie S

    Nothing would make me spend so much time at the beauty salon. I’d rather devot a couple of minutes before bedtime to apply lash serum and the effects satissfies me completely.

  3. Monnie27

    I have been wearing lash extensions for about two years now and I am very happy with the result. The procedure done by a qualified and skillful beautician will not damage your lashes but I can admitt, it is not that easy to find an experienced professional

  4. Angela

    Girls, don’t get fooled by cheap lash extensions!

  5. Izzy

    Strip false lashes seem to be a good solution however, applying and removing them every day can really weaken the natural lashes

  6. Gabrielle89

    it’s a great serum, I’m loving it! only after a month my lashes grew longer! I was so surprised that it actually worked so quickly and increases the length that much ! 😀 <3

  7. Veronica

    Nothing damages lashes like lash extensions! If any of your were considering it, I want to discourage you! I’ve been wearing the for several months and they made my lashes very weak ad fragile

  8. MarrrTha

    lash serum is the safest and most convenient solution. Obviously, no serum will ever give you the voluminous 8D effect but at least the effect is natural and you are nourishing your own lashes! what’s more, there are not as many restrictions in comparison to lash extensions.

  9. Becky

    I’d love to try it out, I saw how long my friend’s lashes grew. Im only worried because my eyeas are sensitive and it might not be suitable for me

  10. Polly _P1234

    I have a similar problem, in addition, I have unpleasant experience with one of the well-known and expensive serum. Luckily, this one turned out to be really amazing! 🙂


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