Lash Extensions Maintenance

For most women long, fluttery lashes are the synonym of womanhood. No wonder that all women do their best to get lush lash fringe. Thanks to new lash enhancing methods used in beauty industry, we can have lashes that would look long, yet very natural in just two hours. The semi-permanent lash extensions method can significantly cut your morning makeup routine so you do not have to spend time on putting the mascara on. In order for the lash extensions to last as long as possible we should learn how to treat them in a proper way.

The moment you leave the beauty salon, you take the full responsibility for the look of your new, amazing lashes. You should be aware that many things that can go wrong and the whole look may be wasted.

#1 Your lashes do not like moisture. After the treatment, you cannot damp your lashes. It would be great idea to have a long, hot bath before you go for the treatment because for another 3 weeks you would only dream about this warm treat. You want also to clean your hair prior to the treatment. It is important to keep your lashes dry for at least 48hrs from the application. It is the time when the special lash adhesive sets and any kind of moisture can break the joints between the fake lashes and your natural ones. Your lashes would be grateful if you could forget about the sauna, steam room or the pool Zumba for a few days. Always carry the umbrella with you. Also in future when you get out of the shower dry your lashes asap. Do not rub them with the cotton towel but use the blow dryer with the cold air stream.

#2 Do not rub, tug or pull your lashes. The less you touch them the longer they are going to last. Avoid sleeping on you face and belly if possible as it may damage the lashes and may results in them falling out. What’s more, stop using mascara as the brush may pull the false lashes out.

#3 Any kind of oil dissolves the lash extensions adhesive. When removing the make-up use only oil-free remover. The great alternative to your heavy-duty make-up cleaner may be the Micellar Water that is both gentle and very effective. You would like to put aside any eye cream or creamy eye shadows that have oils in their formulas. The beautician may provide you with the special eye shampoo or a soap that can remove the excess of the skin sebum. Stop doing the OCM* when you wear lash extensions.

#4 Do not use any kind of waterproof cosmetics. Waterproof mascara and eye shadows are the one that you ought to avoid at all cost. It is difficult to remove them without oils and that is what we want to avoid.

#5 Do not use the eyelash curler. It is great tool but not if you have the lash extensions done. It may easily break the bone between the false lash and the natural one.

#6 Stop using eye pencils. The eye pencils are mainly made of oils, look #4. If you love strong eye make-up, the gel eyeliner would be the perfect alternative.

# Enhance your natural lashes with a good lash serum so that they can grow long and strong.

*Oil Cleansing Method

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