Nanobrow Microblading Pen – No More Sparse Brows!

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Many women are not happy with the look of their eyebrows. It’s their daily reality to use various products for styling their arches. It is important to define the eyebrows, but not to overdo it. In recent years, brow makeup trends have completely changed. Strongly defined arches have been replaced by more natural, fluffy eyebrows. How to create fashionable makeup when our brows are thin and barely there? We have a way to do it!

The Nanobrow brow pen – an essential for owners of sparse eyebrows

This brow makeup pen is an absolute “must-have” if you struggle with sparse or fair eyebrows. It is always ready to use – it doesn’t have to be sharpened, like a pencil, and doesn’t require using any additional accessories, as in the case of, for example, a brow pomade, it doesn’t settle on your cheeks, at it often happens with brow powders. It’s enough for full-brow makeup that will last all day.

Nanobrow Microblading Pen

Product available in colors:

The Nanobrow pen helps you effectively fill in any gaps and correct eyebrow asymmetry. You can add some hair-like strokes, or fill in all the sparse areas. This versatile brow will allow you to create different brow looks – from the subtle no-makeup look to bold and strong makeup.

The convenient, thin tip allows you to apply the product with great precision. You can easily add some hair-like strokes to fill in the gaps. This way you can add volume to your eyebrows and give them the desired shape.
The Nanobrow brow pen was created to replace microblading. What does this mean? It is a solution to the problem of fair, thin, and sparse eyebrows. Makeup done using this brow pen perfectly mimics real brow hairs. The lines drawn with it are indistinguishable from natural brow hair.

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Heading out for a big night out, work-out, or going to the beach? Are you worried your makeup will not last? With the Nanobrow brow pen, you can enjoy the microblading effect all day long and in all conditions. The waterproof formula ensures the makeup lasts for hours. There is literally zero risk of your brow makeup rubbing off. With this brow pen, you can not only achieve a bold brow look but also confidence.


  • natural-looking effect,
  • symmetrical brows,
  • filled-in sparse areas,
  • defined brows with intense color,
  • no need for touch-ups,
  • long-wear finish

Eyebrow makeup with Nanobrow pen – effects

Just like the microblading procedure, this brow pen features great precision and durability. This method allows you to fill in gaps or completely restore the shape of the eyebrows. Thanks to the microblading pen you can camouflage any sparse areas, scars, or brow asymmetry, as well as redefine their incorrect shape.

Nanobrow eyebrow pen – who is it for?

Brow makeup with the Nanobrow Microblading Pen is for you if:

  • you have sparse eyebrows that lack definition and want to add volume to them,
  • you value convenience and don’t want to waste time on touch-ups,
  • you suffer from eyebrow hair loss (for example, as a result of an illness) and you need to draw them on every day,
  • you want to be sure your eyebrow makeup can survive extreme temperatures, intensive work-out at the gym, or even going for a swim
  • you like the effect of thick but natural-looking eyebrows.
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