How to apply oils to hair mask? Home hair care

Hair oil treatment is a very popular and effective method of hair and scalp conditioning. However, reportedly the best outcomes are achieved by combining the power of hair oil treatment with hair mask. How to carry out the very procedure all by yourself? Keep reading to find out and enjoy beautiful and healthy hair.

Hair mask oiling after hair washing

First, you have to wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo. Rinse the lather and impurities and then remove the excess of water from your hair. Apply your favourite mask to the hair ends, but use a really small portion so as not to overburden the hair. Then, apply a portion of the oil and combine it with the hair mask. After a while, rinse the mask and oil with lukewarm water. Blow-dry the hair.

Hair mask oiling before hair washing

Wash your hair and remove the excess of water. Distribute mask over your hair ends and then follow with oil, but this time use a bigger portion than in hair mask oiling after hair washing. The maks-and-oil coat you create must protect the strands form shampoo that you are going to use in a moment. As the last step you have to pour water over your hair to rinse all the cosmetics, and then blow-dry the hair.

Hair mask oiling – effects

This method of hair oiling, no matter if done before of after shampooing, delivers really outstanding effects. Thanks to to this treatment, your hair becomes smooth, glossy and bouncy, your scalp is nourished. What’s interesting, it’s highly possible that you will notice baby hair growing on your scalp.

How often should hair mask oiling be performed?

Naturally, it depends on the needs of your hair and the frequency of hair washing. Some people will be satisfied with hair mask oiling carried out twice a week, whereas others will do with hair mask oiling treatment underwent only once a months. It’s important though that the cosmetics you use for the procedure match your hair type and answer its needs. Also, pay attention to your hair porosity and scalp type.

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