Everything and more about hair brushing

When, how and with what should you brush your hair? These and many other questions are asked every day by all hair maniacs. If you are one of them, check what combs and brushes to use, whether the hair can be combed immediately after washing and how much force to put in brushing.

Why brush hair?

Basically, we brush our hair to make it look beautiful. At the same time, we remove dead and broken hairs, distribute moisturising sebum, cleanse the scalp from impurities, and detangle. Also, hair brushing is aimed to massage the scalp and spread cosmetics we applied earlier, such as masks, oils or conditioners.

How often should you brush the hair?

Hair brushing ought to be done as often as necessary. Usually, it should be done in the morning, after washing and before hair styling. However, if we brush the hair too often, we can damage it regardless of the types of brush or comb we use.

How to brush the hair?

The hair cannot be brushed with force. You can hold the hair on the top of your head to minimise the risk of weakening and damage. if your hair is long, start with detangling the lower parts. Do you still encounter problems with combing? You can use a cosmetic that will make it easier, for example, a mist, a conditioner or an oil.

Should we brush dry or wet hair?

It is said that one should not brush wet hair right after washing. Why? Because that’s when it’s most vulnerable to damage. All you need to do is to wait a little and allow the strands to air dry. Dry hair can be brushed without any restrictions remembering the indications described in the previous paragraph.

What to use to brush the hair?

At the moment, there are many brushes and combs made of various materials with different shapes. Choose the one that suits you the most. It can be the famous Tangle Teezer, or a regular plastic wide-tooth comb or a brush with boar bristles. What’s more, it is essential that you brush the hair gently and precisely to be sure that your hair will have a nice and healthy look.

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