Hair washing. Do you do it right?

The proper way of taking care of hair and scalp should be considered as an integral part of every woman’s beauty routine. Thanks to this, styling your hair will become significantly easier, and you will look trendy and pretty. It’s important though to wash hair with the right cosmetics and apply appropriate techniques to clean hair.

How often should I wash my hair?

Hair should be washed as often as it’s needed. Some people are fine with washing their hair only once a week, whereas others have to do it every other day. There is no single rule that would define how often a shampoo should be used. So how to define the frequency of hair washing? It’s simple: pay attention to your hair. If you observe that the roots get greasy too fast, then you will have to wash the hair the next day. But when you notice that scalp and strands look fresh, then you can hold off on washing your hair for a few days. For daily hair washing many people tend to reach for a shampoo containing SLS and other deeply cleansing substances. It’s not always beneficial for scalp and hair. This kind of substances may irritate and dehydrate. Basically, in order to make your hair and scalp clean, using such a shampoo once a week will suffice.

When should I wash hair?

And again, there is no universal rule existing that would define the best part of a day when you should wash the hair. Some people prefer washing hair in the evening, other do this in the morning. However, if you go for evening hair washing, then remember not to go to sleep with wet hair – this may simply damage the strands. Therefore, before you put your head on a pillow, blow-dry the hair and comb it thoroughly.

What should I use to wash my hair with?

The issue gets a little bit more complicated here. Naturally, a shampoo must match hair and scalp type. To do it right, you have to analyse consistency, ingredients and the action of a particular beauty product. Make sure that the shampoo you use doesn’t contain many detergents, silicones, alcohols and other similar substances that might damage both your strands and scalp. If you happen to choose a mismatching shampoo, you can disturb sebum production, encourage dehydration, dandruff or steatorrhea.

The water temperature is yet another issue that must be taken into consideration while washing your hair. You must adjust it yourself. It has to be realised though that hot water isn’t recommended mainly due to possible scalds and too widely open hair cuticles. On the other hand, using cold water to wash hair with isn’t pleasant either. However, strands should be rinsed with cool water at the end of washing just to help close hair cuticles and prevent damages.

Ways of hair washing

Basically, there are five methods of hair washing: shampoo, shampoo and conditioner, conditioner and shampoo, OMO, conditioner. Regardless of the technique applied, while washing hair and then while toweling it, you must be really gentle. You shouldn’t tug the strands or rub scalp vigorously. Instead, you should massage hair and scalp with your fingertips really delicately. Naturally, you must be gentle while toweling the strands too. To remove excess of water from your hair, use a cotton towel.

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