Do hair, skin & nail supplements really work?

Taking food supplements is a common method of helping your body remain strong and beautiful. How do pills for strong hair and nails work? Find out what good food supplements should contain and how to take care of your hair in the best way possible.

Beauty isn’t accidental, but this is the resultant of the effects achieved due to carrying out various beauty treatments. The food you consume, the beauty products you apply and pills you take – all of them combined together have an immense impact on your physical appearance. Take hair and nails, for example, these are two body parts that lack nutrient most, therefore turning to food supplements may give you many positive effects.

Pills for healthy hair, skin & nails

Taking hair pills promoting its growth is a good idea, providing that you don’t treat food supplements as the alternative to balanced diet and performing adequate beauty treatments. Hair, skin and nail supplements should be perceived as an extra since they are a kind of support for our body, however, the most important thing to do is to eat healthily and make regular use of conditioners, masks and oils.

Still, pills responsible for improving your appearance may help you a lot. These tiny and inconspicuous pills contain a highly concentrated portion of nutrients that we need daily. What’s important, we aren’t able to provide our body with some nutrients through the food we consume and the external use of beauty products – e.g. by applying creams – doesn’t always give us all the results we want to achieve. And this is when food supplements win.

Pills for hair growth

Who should reach for hair and nail pills? In general, we don’t have big problems with hair, skin and nails, hence regular oral substitution suffices entirely. However, there are some situations that adequate supplementation is highly advised. It’s a good idea to reach for hair and nail pills when you have:

  • a problem with hair thinning;
  • damaged hair with split ends;
  • brittle and splitting nails;
  • chronic acne that is hard to deal with;
  • dry, dull and shine-deprived face skin.

What should pills for hair growth contain?

When choosing the right hair and nail pills for yourself, you should always check the chemical constituents of the supplements because this is what determines their effectiveness. Luckily, the choice of such supplementation is wide, so try to find the pills that contain the highest concentration of nourishing substances. Which nutrients in particular?

  1. Biotin (vitamin B7) – the most popular nutrient to treat hair, skin and nails because it’s water-soluble and easily absorbed by the human organism. It’s responsible for reinforcing nails, making hair thicker and combating hair loss problem.
  2. Folate (vitamin B9) – together with other B-group vitamins, it takes part in production of red blood cells which play a really important role for hair and skin because they supply each cell of our body with oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, folate makes a really important substance in terms of maintaining and beautifying your physical appearance.
  3. Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) – is essential for keeping your hair from graying. Also, it positively influences skin and nails by delaying ageing processes.
  4. Silicon dioxide (silica) – one of the most important minerals that skin, hair and nails need. It reinforces and nourishes. It’s worth looking for its pure form or in some herbs, e.g. horsetail.
  5. Zinc – is yet another mineral that hair finds crucial. You should look for products containing zinc because its shortages considerably damage hair state.
  6. Essential amino acids (e.g. L-Cysteine and L-Methionine) – not only do they contain sulfur but also are a kind of building blocks of hair and nails. Additionally, amino acids are responsible for fixing the damage.
  7. Iron – shortages of this chemical element may result in making your entire body weak, which obviously leads to weak hair, nails and skin.

Hair pills with nettle and horsetail

When it comes to pills for hair growth, the most common ones contain nettle and horsetail. These two herbs are the source of many nutrients (e.g. biotin, silica, zinc) that hair and skin need to stay strong and healthy. This leads to the conclusion that we should reach for food supplements containing many various herbal extracts. Therefore, if it’s possible for you, try to take hair pills containing burdock, sweet flag and Hindu bhringraj.

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