HIT! Learn the beauty secrets of models

Beauty secrets revealed by Heidi Klum or Adriana Lima? What are the beauty habits of the rich and famous? It turns out that simple beauty tricks and reasonable approach to self care may be like a breath of fresh air for your skin and hair. Today, we are going to give you top beauty secrets of models, bloggers and celebrities.

Beauty secrets of models: Nutrition

Most of us picture models as super thin and skinny girls, which some people might consider as super unhealthy. However, conscious and balanced nutrition combined with eating five meals a day with equal intervals (scheduled eating every three hours) and preparing the adequate sizes of meals is the secret of the majority of the world-famous super models.

Try to follow their example and do your best to eat regularly (at least five times a day). Make sure that your dish contains raw and steam-cooked vegetables and fruit. Don’t refrain from using spicy seasoning that is just marvelous when it comes to stimulating and increasing the metabolic rate. It’s also a good idea to introduce ginger and chilli into your daily menu – of course, in the reasonable amounts too. You should eat the last meal no later than two hours before going to bed and drink plenty of mineral water throughout a day – there is nothing more effective in terms of body hydration and helping your skin remain smooth and prettier like consuming the adequate amounts of fresh mineral water.

Beauty secrets of models: Skin care

The looks of skin is what concerns top models most. After all, face mirrors the state of the entire organism. How to say goodbye to the poor-looking forehead and cheeks? Take Adriana Lima for example who uses tea tree oil that seems to be a universal and all-natural, highly-nourishing and regeneration-providing cosmetic. Besides, it’s also incredibly efficient and effective.

Another issue that is worth realizing is the fact that supermodels ALWAYS remember to apply sunscreen. Basically, there is no other agent which would help you delay the appearance of fine lines. Moreover, each woman who approaches the subject of self care consciously knows the importance of makeup removal – it’s the core of pure and flawless face skin.

Next thing that should be taken into consideration – if you want to make your face look gorgeous – is the skin regeneration and deep nourishment. Therefore, follow the example of models and reach for a top-rated serum with vitamin C. It can be used no matter if the skin is mature or young. Its main tasks include: skin regeneration, brightening up, smoothing out, erasing discolorations, delivering an anti-ageing effect and reducing acne.

Beauty secrets of models: Hair regeneration

Hair is the crown of femininity – at least this is what experts at beautiful hair tend to say. Undoubtedly, neat hair is the attribute of each professional top model. Soft to the touch and well-moisturized, the color of which matches the tone of complexion. Surprisingly, top models don’t devote much time to hair care. Reportedly, once a week they arrange a kind of hair spa, which means that they are for natural and strong hair regeneration. The most popular method of hair nourishing is hair oil treatment which is a natural oil blend applied to the entire hair length and scalp. Such treatment leaves hair regenerated and prevents possible damage. Celebrities recommend using the ready-made blends of oils. One of such hair savior is Nanoil hair oil. You can match it with your hair type because like no other oil it contains extracts obtained from Siberian plants and special blends of ingredients that are responsible for reinforcing the follicles and promoting faster hair growth.

Beauty secrets of models: Sleep

This is the best cosmetic that works for the entire organism – and it’s completely free! Sometimes this eight-hour sleep appears to be something luxurious, yet it can be achieved. Models know that there’s nothing else that would make you look far older than lack of sleep and chronic body fatigue, thus they make sure that they get enough sleep every night and wake up well-rested and relaxed. Moreover, remember to always take makeup off before going to bed. Once you remove all the color cosmetics, follow with a high quality night cream and serum that offers you maximum nourishing benefits. This is how all the processes that occur in skin cells are carried out more effectively.

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