Cosmetics for people with allergies. Hypoallergenic cosmetics: composition and properties

Allergy is a civilization disease of the 21st century, which is manifested by sneezing, itching and swelling. It turns out that a large part of skin allergies is caused by chemicals that we treat our skin with on a daily basis. Face and body care and makeup cosmetics may cause eczema, itchy eyes and skin flakiness. People sensitive to the composition of various products should use hypoallergenic cosmetics, i.e. intended for allergy sufferers. What properties and composition do hypoallergenic cosmetics have and where to buy them?

Hypoallergenic cosmetics – composition

Cosmetics for allergy sufferers contain natural extracts, especially those with water-retaining, oiling and soothing effects. It is definitely worth mentioning wheat, flax, aloe, borage, coconut, cotton, avocado, sweet almonds, evening primrose and calendula. Hypoallergenic cosmetics should be enriched with substances that have anti-inflammatory properties, for example, allantoin or panthenol.

Hypoallergenic cosmetis – properties

Cosmetics for allergy sufferers must provide the skin with proper hydration as well as soothing inflammation and irritation. In addition, they should be easily absorbed. The lack of the dye content, preservatives, fragrance and other irritating substances is equally important.

Where to buy hypoallergenic cosmetics?

Cosmetics for allergy sufferers should be bought at the pharmacy. Pharmacy products have been tested for their effects on the skin. They are free of allergens and fragrances, therefore they ensure the safety of use and the comfort of healthy skin.

What cosmetics should people with allergies avoid?

Allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin must avoid intensely foaming, cleansing agents and fragrant coloured cosmetics. They should avoid creams with strong effects, especially those that contain retinol and fruit acids. Sunscreen chemical filters are inadvisable, they can be replaced with mineral ones. In addition, allergy sufferers must avoid nail polishes, chemical hair dyes and depilatory creams, and above all, using too much cosmetics on a daily basis.

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