Love Lips Gloss with Pheromone

This amazing Lip Gloss is a must-have if your lips are dry, chapped, losing their elasticity or…if you are still single. The Love Lips by The Powder Lounge London has been created to give you the pout that nobody could resist.

This revolutionary beauty product contains Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrates your lips and make them appear fuller.

Why this lip-gloss is so popular? The producer claims that it contains the ‘Love and Trust pheromone that is found in anybody who is love-struck. This ingredient boosts your mood, and what’s more importantly, it creates the feeling of trust and affection in anybody who approaches you. The scent of the product nice and is subtle and it fades after two minutes. The pheromones do their job the whole time you wear the gloss without you realising or ‘smelling’ it. The lip-gloss comes in three colours that will complement any woman: red, nude and pink. As it is a lip-gloss it is not rich pigmented and it gives only a hint of the colour.

Is is the product only for young girls then?

No, the pheromone side of the product is just the bonus. The lip-gloss has been created for anybody who need to improve the appearance of once lips, especially for those who can observe the first sign of ageing. With time, the skin on lips is getting thinner and less elastic. Thanks to the Anti-Ageing Niacinamide the blood circulates quicker and the level of collagen increases resulting in filling lips and making them look fuller. Additionally, the small amount of the Mint Extract will make your lips grow bigger leaving a pleasant, tingling sensation on your skin. Any animal lover would be happy to know that the Anti-Ageing Plumping

Pheromone Balm Gloss is cruelty- free. It also does not contain any parabens and harmful chemicals. The retail price is £15. Is it enough to seduce your price? You will have to check for yourself.

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