Japanese Manicure- What’s That?

We all know French manicure but not many have heard about Japanese one. It is a very old technique that makes nails look beautiful yet very natural. Japanese women are very humble and moderate. Long, fake acrylic nails do not suit this type of culture. Therefore, the manicure that has been developed in this part of the world accent the beauty of natural nails giving them healthy shine.

Japanese Manicure – How it is Done

Japanese manicure, also known as P.Shine has its origin in 18th century. The difference between classical manicure and the Japanese manicure is that in the later no nail polished is used. Instead of applying the top, shiny coat, the beautician rubs oils and talks into the plate of the skin. There is no UV lamp required and no special, expensive nail gels.

Firstly, nails are cleaned from any debris and impurities. The products used in the treatment – P.Shine Beeswax and Setting Talk can be purchased in any online store. The nail technician will first buff and smooth your nail with special buffer. Then the dust and the debris form the prepared nail plate will be removed. If any of impurities stay in the surface of the nail, they can cause the shine to look striped and uneven. Then the beautician is going to use one of the P.Shine professional product- beeswax paste. With the help of a small plastic spatula, a small amount of the Beeswax is going to be applied on your nail plate. Now it is time to working the material into the nail plate in the direction of the growth with a buckskin buffer. The whole procedure has to be done slowly and very carefully. The nail plate is a good heat conductor. If the beautician pushes too hard against the nail, it will warm up and you may feel a burning sensation. In the next step, the lash technician will use the P.Shine talk to trap the beeswax into the nail surface. The whole nail treatment should last no longer than 30 minutes and it should be much more affordable than the standard, classic manicure. Your nails will look very natural and healthy.

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