How to transform day make up into evening one

Day make up and the one that we wear for evenings differs dramatically. During day, we are restricted by the dress code. You just cannot have your lips tinted juicy red if you are going to school. Heavy smokey eye would not suit proffessional business meeting. Wherever you go, you have to make sure you look adequete to the place and the situation.

We distinguish two types of make up. One that we wear during the day – subtle and natural; the other type great for special occasions- less formal and much stronger. You can easily create both looks. In fact, you can easilly transform the day make up into the night one. Your everyday look can be treated as a base for more intense lines and colours. If you would use your work look and transformed into the party look, you need to make sure that you use the high quality beauty products. The foundation should be longlasting and set with the powder. If you are planning to have strong smokey eyes, use the eye premier when doing the morning make up. This way, the shadow will not crease or smudge. The most important rule when doing the evening make up is to keep the balance. If you want to have strong, juicy lips, do not use dark eye shadows. You should never use sparkling, strong eyeshadows or orange lipstick for day look. Keep those cosmetics in your bag and use it when heading to the party. You do not apply another layer of foundation. Instead use the concealer to hide any skin discolouration. Make sure that you cover dark under eye circles so they will not create unflattering shadows in the lamp’light. Regardless whether you want to have strong eye make up or not, use the black liquid eyeliner to give your eyes desired shape. Apply an extra coat of mascara not forgetting about the lower lashes. If you wish, you can glue a fake lashes- they always look flattering and sexy! Night is the time to shine.

Contour your face with the bronzer and apply a tiny bit of a highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and on the bridge of your nose.

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