Hair Loose- What to Do Now?!

Hair Loose – How to Deal With It?

Hair loose is completely normal on the condition that it does to fall out in huge amount over short period. Most people lose 30-50 hair per day. It may change depending on the season and the weather conditions. If you have observed that you may lose more hair than usual, you should visit your GP and have all the basic blood tests done. If there is nothing serious happening with your health, it is worth sticking to a few tips that can help you keep your hair and scalp in the best shape. There are many things you can do yourself to minimize and stop this process.

The first and the most crucial reason for hair loose is the diet.

Hair is made of water and proteins. If your diet is low in calories, you are likely to experience hair loose. Incorporate more proteins to your menu. You can have a turkey, chicken breast, and eggs. Being a vegetarian does not mean that you will automatically stop eating any type of proteins. Instead of meat, you can eat soy tofu, beans, and broccoli. Sea alaes such as chlorella and spirulina contain 70 times more proteins than the medium size chicken breast. It is important that you minimize your alcohol intake and that you stop smoking. You will be surprised how small moderation in your diet can change the way your hair looks.

The second factor influencing your hair is stress. Everybody has experienced hair loose due to stress. It affects not only hair but it also causes many other side effects and diseases. If you learn how to cope with difficult situations, you will see a big improvement in your overall well-being. There are many tools and techniques that can help you deal with stress. According to the scientists, physical activity allows to release the tension that has gathered in your muscles. It clears up the mind and and make you sleep better. If you would like to feel less anxious, follow daily rituals. Take a bath before sleep and go to bed at the same time. Try yoga or meditation. Those techniques can not only quiet you mind but they also boost your immune system.

Unfortunately, our soil lacks essential minerals; therefore, the food we are eating cannot provide us with the nutrients we need to stay healthy. It is always a good idea to either consume superfoods such as kale, or supplement vitamins responsible for hair growth. You can purchase, special combination of vitamins and minerals particularly design to nourish hair follicles or you can buy each supplement separately. Make sure you supplement vitamin D, B, zinc and iron.

We often do not realize that all those products that are supposed to take of our hair do more damage than good. If you check the ingredient list that is on the back of your shampoo or conditioner you may get shocked. Almost all hair care product contain harmful SLS (foaming agent), alcohol, silicone, and parabens. If your wash your hair often you treat it will all the nasty things that penetrate through thin skin into your body. Lash follicles are weakened and dried out and unable to build a strong hair strand. Use the baby shower or organic products that does not contain anything what you are won’t be able to pronounce. Massage your scalp while washing your hair. This is a simple way to increase the blood circulation resulting in your hair roots effective nourishment. Always detangle your locks while still being in the shower, ideally when you have your conditioner on. Start from the bottom of your hair and make your way up. Do not brush your hair when it is dry as it may damage its structure and pull it out. When you use the wide-tooth comb, lesser hair falls out. After each wash, moisturize your curls with a gentle conditioner. Restrain yourself from using hair spray and gums or gels. They contain a a great deal of preservative alcohol and parabens. You can occasionally set your hairstyle with the spray, but it should not be practised on a daily basis.

Stop bleaching and colouring your locks. This is extremely damaging to both hair and your scalp. You can probably notice how your hair is thinning after each of these treatments. Use the colouring shampoo instead. It is less harmful than the standard chemical dye.

If you have problem with your hair, it is worth having your hormones checked. Women, who just gave a birth to a baby, often experience a hair loose. The hormones are still not in balance and it effectively affects the weight and hair. If you have hormonal imbalance, it can also be a first signal of a more serious health problem such as thyroid. Hormonal problems are a common cause of hair loose, especially among young people.

Try Castor oil to promote hair growth. The castor oil, for ages has been used for treating baldness and hair growth dysfunction. You can mix it with coconut or olive oil so that it is going to distribute more easily on your scalp. You can wear this ‘mask’ for 10-30 min before washing your hair. It has been proved that hair grows back as thick as before. Castor oil is often used in eyelash and brow growth serums.

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