Chocolate + Orange = New Yves Rocher Gift Pack

Yves Rocher has released a small beauty products set. What will you find inside?

All goodies: shower gel, hand cream, and hand gel. Everything is wrapped in a nice, orange bag. Each of these luxurious cosmetics is rich in orange and chocolate extract. Why Yves Rocher has decided to include those particular ingredients? The first reason is the strong, blissful smell the combination of two give. The other reason is that both ingredients are packed with nutrients, minerals and plenty of vitamins.

Chocolate, apart from indulging our taste buds, contains a high dose of iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Additionally, chocolate releases the hormones of happiness- endorphins. From now on, washing hands will be one of the most enjoyable and fun activity in your whole day.

Orange is a great source of highly absorbable vitamin C that has a strong anti-ageing and bleaching properties. If you use the skin toner rich in vitamin C, your skin will become lighter and moisturized over a few weeks period. Your skin tone will become even and all discolorations are going to be less visible.

How do the Yves Rocher beauty products work? The hand cream deeply hydrates the dry skin and helps to minimize the ageing spots. This cosmetic is recommended to mature and young women who like having nice and smooth hands. The cream does not leave the sticky film on the skin and it absorbs very quickly leaving the hands smooth and soft. Unfortunately, the nice chocolate scent is detectable only for 10 min from the application and it oxidizes quickly.

To complement the hand care regime, the producer gives us amazing hand gel that effectively removes all impurities without causing any irritation to the skin. The cleanser contains many essential oils that penetrate deep into the skin and nourish the upper derma layer cells. The shower gel energizes and moisturizes after long day. It can also be used in a bath as it smell great and it has a strong foaming agent. The whole set would make a great present gift for the one that you love. The whole set cost around £80, depending on the location.

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