Fruit Works Lip Balm at Amazing Price!

Juicy and with energetic scent. This is the best description for the by Grace Cole England. They smell divine, taste amazing, look cute, and fit in your back pocket. That is everything the perfect lip balm ought to be. Take care of your chapped lips today.

Autumn and winter are those seasons when weather can be very harsh to our skin. It usually gets dry quickly and it needs a protective layer from cold. When your lips are sore and split moisturising them will not be enough and what you need is the heavy-duty balm.

For a price of a Nero coffee, you can get one of six marvellous lip balms that can soothe your pout.
Each Fruit Works balm comes in a small tin which contains 12g of the product. The formula is creamy soft, not sticky, nor dry. It goes on smoothly and once on, you cannot feel anything on your lips. It is lightweight and it tastes delicious.

You are not limited to one flavour but you can choose from as many as six fantastic scents:
•pineapple & passion fruit
•peach & pear
•strawberry & kiwi
•watermelon & pink grapefruit
•passion fruit & guava
•coconut & lime

Although each lip balm has a colourful formula, it does not stain lips but it gives them a glossy layer.
Grace Cole England made sure that all its products have been composed only from natural ingredients, which nourishes and moisturizes skin giving it an instant glow.
The Fruit Works lip balm is the must-have for anybody who suffers from dry lips that need an urgent help. The price is surprisingly cheap as it costs only £2 on the Grace Cole England official website.

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