At-home pedicure: mix of relaxation & smooth skin

Do it all the way! Full pedicure, letting you relax and enjoy silky smooth skin on your feet. SPA, or a relaxing time with beauty benefits. Today, we tell you how to have a great time during your home spa. Pedicure is a perfect idea for long, lazy, winter evenings. Will you give it a try?

SPA pedicure at home: must-haves

The list seems long but you probably have most of the things at home. If you have little time, you can skip some steps e.g. foil, body butter and scrub, and use just a regular foot cream after pedicure.

  1. Bowl filled with warm water
  2. Scented soap to add to the water
  3. Music, book, TV show, anything making you feel relaxed
  4. Foot file
  5. Cuticle pusher
  6. Nail clippers
  7. Nail file
  8. Nail nippers
  9. Foot (or body) scrub
  10. Body butter
  11. Aluminum foil
  12. Separator
  13. Nail polish base
  14. Top coat
  15. Cotton swabs and nail polish remover

Now, create the mood. Use relaxation music, nature sounds, scented candles. It’s an amazing way of getting relaxed and ready for 30-40 minutes of lying down, enjoying a foot bath and waiting for nail polish to dry.


  1. Take the clippers and cut the nails. Don’t go too far because overcutting leads to injuries and discomfort when walking.
  2. Round the nails with a file, get the desired shape, ideally keep them straight to avoid ingrown nails.
  3. Dip your feet in a bowl with warm water and soap for around 15 minutes. It’s time for relaxation so put on some music, watch a movie, whatever you like doing in your spare time.
  4. Polish your feet! Free them from the buildup of dead cells. Dampen the file before use. You don’t need to rub the skin all over the feet, just stick to thickened skin areas.
  5. Push the cuticles with a pusher – it should be easy thanks to warm water and soap making them softer.
  6. Cut the cuticles with the nippers carefully, not irritating the skin.
  7. Get rid of any sharp edges, ideally use a paper nail file.
  8. Time for a spa foot massage. Apply scrub and massage the feet gently and slowly. Keep the skin dry to make the scrub work better.
  9. Reach for a thick body butter and apply a thick layer to both feet. Wrap them with aluminum foil so the product nourishes skin instead of coming off fast. Remember not to cover the nails with the foil – you’re about to apply a nail polish.
  10. Get a primer, ideally free from formaldehyde. Apply it and wait until it dries. Now apply nail polish – two coats (apply the other once the first coat dries). While waiting for products to dry, you can relax by the music, good movie or book. Remember to apply a clear top to strengthen the nails, make the color last longer and protect them from damage and chipping.
  11. At last, take the foil off and rub the rest of the butter in the skin. Spray some mint spray on if you like. Your spa pedicure is over!
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