Are your eyes swollen? Discover the causes and learn methods to treat it

Swollen eyes can be a sign not only of lack of sleep, but also serious illnesses. If you also have bags and dark circles under your eyes, then you should get to know the reasons for this state and the best methods of treatment. Thanks to them, your face will look younger, healthier and rested.

Causes of swollen eyes

The most popular reason for the appearance of swelling under the eyes is the so-called chalazia. This is a bacterial infection caused by staphylococcus. Then there is redness of the upper or lower eyelid and edema, which can reduce the field of vision. The eye then itches, eye lachrymation and even the photophobia are likely to appear. The bump that occurs during the infection is filled with pus and can spontaneously break out.

Other causes of swelling around the eyes include: various allergies, kidney and liver problems, hormonal disorders, sinus and conjunctivitis, insect bites, bacterial and viral infections, as well as prolonged crying. The slower functioning of the lymphatic system can also lead to swelling under the eyes. What’s more, the thin skin around the eyes will not cover these abnormalities. That is why we will notice this problem very quickly.

Swollen eyes – tests

If you haven’t been able to reduce the swelling under your eyes for a long time, you should have a few tests done right away. The following ones will be of high importance: blood laboratory tests, allergy tests, abdominal ultrasound to diagnose liver and kidney diseases, determination of antibodies in the blood in case of kidney disease suspicion.

Treatment of swollen eyes

Eye swelling can be connected to fatigue, lack of sleep or irritation. In such a situation, there are a few homemade remedies that will help you. You will benefit from a tea wrap, cucumber, ice cube massage or a chilled gel mask – it will all work well. If the problem persists longer, it is worth visiting the doctor. After you have the tests done, the doctor will be able to confirm or exclude conditions that cause swelling under the eyes.

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