Moroccan black soap. What are the properties of Savon Noir?

Savon Noir is a traditional Moroccan soap that is made of only two ingredients, which is why it is safe for the skin and at the same time extremely effective and versatile. What are the properties and how to use the soap?

Black Moroccan soap – how is it produced and what properties does it have?

Savon Noir is a soap originally from Morocco. For centuries, it has been hand-made from crushed and ground olives mixed with oil. At first glance, it does not look like soap, because it is neither a bar nor in the liquid form. Savon Noir has the consistency of a thick paste that melts in the hands under the influence of heat. Therefore, they are sold in jars or plastic containers.

How to use black Moroccan soap?

Under the influence of water, Savon Noir turns into a velvety mass, which foams very well and is very efficient. Traditionally, Moroccan soap was used for everyday skin cleansing, but it actually offers a wide variety of uses. People with acne skin can use it to dry purulent lesions. For this purpose, it is enough to apply a bit of the soap to the skin. It will help get rid of impurities and toxins and accelerate the healing process of the skin.

In addition, Savon Noir can be used as an effective makeup remover. Start by moistening the skin with pure water and then, lightly massage it for about two minutes. Next, rinse with water. Moroccan soap will also work as a shaving cream and cleansing-detoxifying mask for all skin types. To do this, use just a small amount of soap, lightly moisten it with water and gently rub to change the consistency into a thick emulsion. Spread the product all over the face and leave it for a few minutes according to the principle that the more sensitive the skin, the shorter it should be. After the desired period of time, wash it with warm water. You have to be careful that Savon Noir does not get into your eyes; otherwise, they might start itching and tearing.

Moreover, Moroccan black soap can be applied to the entire body, for example, to exfoliate the skin. The latter can be applied to the feet, which will become soft and smooth. If you want the scrub to be more effective, apply the product to the skin and leave for a few minutes, massage for a while and rinse thoroughly.

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