What Make-Up for Girls with Glasses?

You wear glasses and the eye make-up gives you a headache? Here you will find a few tip on the make-up that will look great even under the thick frame. All you need to do is to stick to a few rules.

Rule no 1.

The foundation that matches your skin tone is the necessity if you would like to look great. Too light or too dark foundation on concealer can ruin the whole make-up. Make sure that you cover dark under eye circles. You can lift your eyes buy applying a highlighter just under your brows. This simple trick will make your eyes bigger and brighter. If you want your eye make up to last for the whole day without creasing of smudging use the eye base. It has a nice, creamy formula that additionally helps to intensify the colour of the eye shadow.

Rule no.2

Use neutral, Earth colours. If you wear glasses with dark frames, use light, pearly shades. On the other hand, if your frames are white or creamy, you can wear graphite or brown-ish shadows. Try to create a contrast between the frame of your glasses and your shadow. This way, your eye will be more visible and your glasses will ‘disappear’.

Rule no.3

Always use the black mascara. You want your eyes to pop so you can forget about a coat of your favourite ultra-black mascara. There is no point of wearing the falsies or three layers of mascara, as your lashes will probably scratch the glasses. It may be difficult to see anything through dirty glasses. Do not forget about the eyeliner. It is a great beauty product that can reshape your eye and make it appear bigger and more seductive. In combination with the black mascara, an eyeliner can completely transform your eyes.

Rule no.4

The fact that you wear glasses does not mean that you can neglect your brows. They need to have the right shape and thickness. You can fill them in with a brow pencil or the brown, matte eye shadow. Regardless of the beauty product you use, make sure that it is one tone lighter than your natural brows. It is easy to overdraw brows and end up with the drag queen look.

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