Ways of extending nails. Which method is the best?

Gel, acrylic, or maybe regular artificial nails attached to your fingers? Which nail extension method would you like to choose? If you haven’t decided yet, this text can appear helpful for you. Check out which methods of doing manicure is the best.

Gel nails

The procedure of extending nails due to gel begins with preparing nail plates. They have to be filed down, degreased, dried and smoothed. The cuticles must be either pushed back or cut out. After that, a special template (in most cases it’s a sticker) is attached to the nails so as to follow with a gel afterwards. In short, onto the fingernail plate a drop of gel is applied to be hardened under a UV lamp. Shaping a nail is the next step and it is taken once the second layer of gel is hard. When all the coats are applied, cleansing and filing down of the nails follows. At the end, a top coat has to be applied.

Acrylic nails

The method of getting the nails ready for the procedure is comparable to the above-mentioned gel manicure. However, the substance which is used to shape nails is slightly different. Acrylic powder has to be mixed with liquid to be applied to fingernails that have already been coated with acid base. When the nails are shaped, another layer of acrylic coat follows. The last stage of acrylic manicure is filing down and applying polishes. Advantages? Exceptionally durable nails. Drawbacks? Unfortunately, there are more disadvantages, and these are: long time of application, the necessity of filling in the manicure every three weeks and characteristic smell of acrylic.

Titanium nails

This manicure is an alternative to hybrids. Nail extension due to titanium is currently the safest method available. During the procedure, bases and powders are used and these contain various minerals. Moreover, the coats aren’t hardened under UV lamps. On one hand, application of titanium manicure is fast and delivers durable effects. On the other hand, this procedure isn’t that effective and, what’s the greatest disadvantage, only few beauty parlours has this kind of manicure in their offer.

Nail extension due to protein base

In most cases protein base is used to fill in hybrid manicure. This product has to be applied before putting on hybrids. It has to be hardened under UV lamp. This procedure delivers a very natural-looking effect. The entire process lasts approximately 2 hours and the results aren’t as durable as when compared to the remaining methods, unfortunately.

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