Physiological Saline. How to Use Saline Solution for the Best Skin Benefits?

Physiological saline makes us think of medicine but we can actually use it for beauty purposes as well, for example to cleanse the skin and soothe irritations. See possibilities of using simple saline solution in your daily beauty routine.

Saline isn’t found in every house but if you’ve got it, it’s probably in your medicine box, not a beauty bag. Surprisingly, physiological saline proves to offer a wide range of uses.

What is a saline solution?

Definition says it’s a mixture of sodium chloride (salt) in water. It holds approx. 0.9% chloride so it isn’t a highly-concentrated solution. It is called a physiological solution because it is natural for our bodies and thus can be used both externally and internally in the form of a drip for strengthening, for example.

Saline is found at any drugstore but make sure you choose one that is packed in a hygienic, one-off package e.g. ampule because it gets non-sterile fast. Once opened, saline solution has to be used up as soon as possible.

Uses for saline solution

Physiological saline is mostly used in the case of vomiting, diarrhea or after surgeries because it replenishes electrolytes. A single saline drip hydrates and strengthens the body without the strong medications.

In medicine, saline is also used for cleaning wounds or burns because it is indifferent to tissues and boasts superb cleansing properties. This is an all-purpose product which also works for mixing medications which need thinning before application, e.g. in the form of an injection.

Obviously, we can’t forget it saves us when we want to handle some conditions at home. Parents of small children love saline as it helps to relieve dry noses and it’s brilliant for fighting cough (a quick inhalation will do).

Beauty uses for physiological saline

Thankfully, people quickly learnt they could move saline from the hospital to the houses. Because it is a brilliant moisturizer which neither irritates nor causes allergic reactions, it is an excellent beauty product, particularly for people who’ve got sensitive and easily irritated skins.

How can you incorporate saline into your beauty routine? See four situations in which saline solution never fails.

1/ Face cleansing

Lots of people use saline instead of tap water which is hard and may dry out and irritate the skin, and leave the face feeling tight. Saline solution is also a brilliant make-up remover because it effectively banishes any type of dirt, not irritating the skin. It hydrates and soothes instead, so it’s definitely good to have saline ampules on hand and use it for daily face wash.

2/ After piercing or tattooing procedure

Tattoo and piercing artists know saline solution very well. It is recommended as a natural, delicate product for wound cleaning and skin healing. It’s good to use it on freshly-pierced or tattooed skin.

3/ Skin irritations

It can’t be denied that physiological saline is a powerful agent that soothes all kinds of irritations and aids skin repair. That is why it should be used on irritated skin areas, for example swollen under-eye skin, redness, itchy patches caused by allergic reactions. A saline solution compress brings relief and reduces itchiness, but also moisturizes the skin, nourishes and keeps it healthy for longer.

4/ Base for homemade cosmetics

Lots of recipes for natural beauty products requires a runny product that gives a mask or other treatment the desired texture. You can use water or aloe leaf juice but saline works great too. Because it’s neutral, it doesn’t change the properties of your DIY cosmetic. It can be used for creating a natural face toner to reduce blemishes by mixing it with chamomile and nettle extract. You can also use it for a face mask with baking soda to get rid of imperfections and improve oily skin.

Obviously, saline solution has even more to offer as far as skin care goes. Buy it and test its effect on your skin to find some other uses.

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