Mica in cosmetics – use and effects

Mica is a mineral that occurs in nature. It has found use in cosmetics thanks to various beneficial properties. The mineral is used in various beauty products and cosmetics recommended for makeup. What are its effects?  

What is mica?

Mica is a mineral that belongs to the group of silicates. It naturally occurs in India, Russia, Canada and Poland. Mica is used, for example, in electrical equipment, insulating materials, plastics or products designed for plant protection. Due to its shiny appearance, mica is valued by collectors and used as a decorative stone or sculptural raw material. It comes in the form of white, cream, shiny and sometimes matte petals.

Mica’s cosmetic properties 

In order for mica to become an ingredient of a beauty product, it must be purified – cleansed off all metals, undergo various laboratory tests and be ground. The finer the grinding, the better the effect after the application to the face. Mica’s particles reflect the light and ensure a healthy and radiant look. What’s more, mica prevents nodulising of various products but absorbs sebum less effectively. It is recommended for normal and dry skin.

The use of mica in cosmetics 

Mika cannot be used in a cosmetic on its own because it has no adhesive properties. For this reason, it should be combined with other components, such as:

  • pigments – they give colour, can be natural or synthetic,
  • titanium oxides – safe for health and fully natural, provide gloss and protect against UV rays,
  • silicones – protect the skin, create a coating on its surface, and soften and smooth it out,
  • silica – increases the flowability of mica and its ability to absorb sebum and moisture,
  • other substances mattify, whiten and moisturize.

Cosmetics containing mica 

The most popular cosmetics with mica content are coloured products and the skin care ones, including: eyeshadows, makeup primers, foundations, powders, hair and skin balms, and even toothpaste.

Is using mica safe for our health?

As long as mica is correctly prepared, it should not have a negative influence on the health and condition of our skin. This mineral does not cause any allergic reactions, does not clog pores not it has an expiry date. However, you must be cautious when mixing ingredients on your own. It might turn out that mica will not be ground well enough or worse, you might end up purchasing aluminium or fine plastic instead. The use of such substances is forbidden in the USA and Europe.

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