How to apply hair mask the right way?

Probably you sometimes wonder why your hair becomes tangled and looks flat after treating it with a hair mask. The answer is simple: you’re doing something wrong. The thing is to find the blunder and eliminate it. It can be connected with the way you wash your hair, wrong application of a cosmetic or its composition. Is any of the reasons familiar to you?

You keep putting on too much

In this case, more doesn’t mean better. To clarify, if you apply too much hair mask, then even after rinsing it off your strands will clump together and become greasy. However, if you feel like putting on an extra portion of the cosmetic, you can do it but only to dry hair before washing it. In this way, water and shampoo will remove the excess of the mask. It’s also worth realizing that the more porous hair is, the more cosmetic it needs. And this principle works in two ways, the less porous your hair is, the smaller amount of the product you should apply to it.

Mask doesn’t absorb into hair

When left on hair for a minute, the mask isn’t given the opportunity to penetrate strands so it surely resides on hair surface. Therefore, hair will be overburdened after washing. As it appears, it’s definitely more beneficial to use a small portion of the mask and let it sit for 3 minutes to achieve the looked-for effects. Bigger amount of mask will serve its purpose when we apply it in about 25 minutes prior to shampooing. After that, the excess of the product will be removed during hair washing.

You apply mask to poorly-washed hair

If you wash your hair not well enough or doesn’t manage to completely remove the shampoo, then the lather and impurities will block mask from delivering the desired action. Effect? The strands will clump together, get weighed down and tangled. It must be realized that proper hair washing prepares the strands for upcoming stages of care, which in this case is application of a mask.

Composition of mask vs. hair needs

Do you know that high porosity hair needs completely different set of nutrients than low porosity hair? The former likes rich masks with a high concentration of drying and semi-drying oils. What the hair dislikes is coconut oil, some alcohols and herbs. Low porosity hair though gets along with all substances that a hair mask might be made of, yet used in moderation.

How do you apply a particular cosmetic?

You might expect a hair mask to work the way intended but only if you use it in the right way. Don’t distribute it in a slapdash manner but buckle down to it. Spread the mask evenly along each strand because otherwise you’ll end up having some part of hair nourished, whereas the remaining parts will remain in its miserable condition. A good idea is to divide hair in sections and treat each one with a portion of a hair mask.

You don’t remove the mask well enough

If you don’t remove hair mask completely, it might leave your hair looking greasy and tangled. Therefore, the best way to remove mask is by using warm water, and if this technique fails you, turn to a delicate shampoo (bear in mind though that such product might completely disturb the way the mask works). At the end, pour cool water over the hair – this will close the hair cuticles.

You apply mask on wet hair and too close to the scalp

Water makes it impossible for mask to penetrate hair structures and, as a result, the cosmetic resides on the hair surface and can’t reach inner hair structures. Therefore, do your best to apply hair mask to damp, toweled hair.

Also, take into consideration the fact that a mask can’t be applied too close to scalp. In other words, hair mask shouldn’t touch scalp because it isn’t a product designed to be in contact with the skin on the head.

Hair mask isn’t enough to condition hair

Perhaps your hair requires extra care. In order to boost the action delivered by hair mask, you can mix it with a few drops of oil or silicone serum, carry our dry/wet hair oiling and then apply hair mask. It’s a good idea to treat hair ends with silicone serum after rinsing the mask.

You apply mask too often

There’s this old saying ‘Too much of anything is bad for you.’ This rule also applies to hair masks. To clarify, if you wish to improve the state of your hairdo, you should do with using a mask every third or fourth hair shampooing. Increasing the frequency of mask application won’t make much sense even if your strands are heavily damaged.

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