Have you got something to hide? -Vichy Dermablend Foundation

Almost each woman has something to hide. It may be dark under eye circles, blemishes, or acne scars. It does not matter what your problem is. Regardless of the type of the skin issue, New Vichy Dermablend foundation will help you cover all that needs to be hidden.

Vichy is one of the most popular french cosmetic company which creates top quality skin care products. They were especially created for sensitive skin with problems. One of the best know Vichy product Dermablend foundation has won hearts thousands of women all over the Europe. This unique product changes its features during the application to match perfectly the shade of your skin. The product comes in mid-coverage to full coverage for more demanding skin. It is one of very few foundations so rich pigmented, therefore it can be also used as a great concealer. Despite giving the full coverage, the foundation does not create the mask effect. It blends with the skin surprisingly well giving it satin finish.

Dermablend foundation has a liquid consistency therefore; it can be easily applied by Beauty blender or by thick brush. The lasting power is really good- the Dermablend stays in place for more than 10 hours without flaking off or creating uneven stains on the skin. The natural formula prevents pores from clogging and skin form breaking out. Dermablend foundation has 35SPF so it is a great product for hot summer. Those who are planning the photo shoot ought to choose a different foundation. High SPF will create the ‘hallo effect’ and the quality may not be as good as predicted. Dermablend foundation has been tested by dermatologists and it has been proved fully safe for those who have sensitive skin.

How to apply the Dermablend foundation?
Firstly, make sure that your skin is clean and that the moisturizer has already been absorbed. Then apply the small amount of the foundation on the skin and blend it well with the foundation brush. Do not forget about your jaw line and neck.

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