Bleached Hair Care

There are many types of hair and each of them requires different care. It may be easy to handle strong, dark lock, but bleached light hair are more involving. It is not enough to wash it with a regular shampoo and expect you it to look great. What you will probably end up with is a huge mess. What does it take to have beautiful fair hair? First, you have to clean it with proper shampoo. It has to be good quality, designed for blondes. It should have different ingredients that nourish and hydrate your usually dry locks. If you do not want your hair to darken, use a cucumber or camomile shampoo that have natural lightening properties. Your curls will be shiner and the colour intensified. Use special rinse-off conditioner to tame the frizziness. Try not to wash your hair too often. It is a very personal issue; however, the more often you clean your head, the quicker it gets oily. Commercial shampoos are very harsh and they remove the skin protective layer. The body’s response is quite natural- to produce even more sebum to keep the head safe. If you want to take a good care of your light hair, resign from any strong styling products. Instead of adding shine to your locks with the special spray, use a tiny bit of coconut oil. Your hair will not only look glossy, but they will also benefit from oil’s moisturizing properties. If you would like to avoid frizziness, always brush your hair when it is still wet, never dry. To style it, use your fingers and gently comb it through. Bleaching hair causes huge damage to its structure. It gets very dry and you may have split ends sooner than when your hair was not coloured. Cut the ends every two months to keep your hairstyle in shape. You can provide it with proper hydration by using oils. Before washing your locks apply oil of your choice to the length of your hair and keep it on for at least 30 min before washing it off. Thanks to this method, your hair will be soft, shiny, and stronger. It is remember to avoid castor oil as it can darken hair.

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